Project-cycle management

Project generation and development

In the course of project building, we evaluate the innovative project ideas of our partners, and on the basis of this evaluation, we assist them in the development of their project plan and the timing of its execution, indicating the missing competencies for the success of their projects. The result of this service is a study on project development, which contains all the fundamental elements of the logic, resources and the needed competences of the project, thus supporting the leader’s decision-making on its execution. Project building is one of the most important activities before writing innovation project proposals.

Allocation of resources

Allocation of resources contains getting acquainted with our partners’ demands for development, and the finding of financial resources for these through the national subsidy system. In the course of the cooperation we get acquainted with the aim of the development, and those plans of the management which can effect the development. As a result of this, we can evaluate the possible resources for our clients in accordance with company aims and plans. This service is free of charge for every partner who is interested.

Building partnerships

The aim of building partnerships is to find people and organizations with relevant development competences (human, capital goods, etc.) for our clients in order to promote their mutual qualitative development. In the framework of building partnerships Qualinnova Consulting utilizes its widespread network system of national higher education institutions and its continuously increasing number of partners to search people and organizations with suitable cooperation skills for innovational projects. Building partnerships is a service  provided upon the request of our partners as part of our service of preparing innovational projects. It includes the followings after the specification of the topic of development:

Project coordination

It happens more and more often among innovative companies that the Supporter examines the financial and professional interference of projects which are running in parallel. Beyond carrying out individual project accounts it is necessary to examine the interference of projects in the interest of efficient involvement in later monitoring. The aim of this activity is to monitor people and organizations which do project accounts, to do quality assurance, to reveal risks, and to make arrangements.  

In the course of this service, we participate in the financial-professional planning of projects, and in the monitoring of fulfillment of liabilities. 

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