Project-cycle management

One of the most emphasized activities of Qualinnova Consulting is the coordination of projects, as the safe utilization of national funds and funds from the European Union in the largest proportion is one of the keys to success for innovative enterprises. A new kind of knowledge, new approaches and a lot of time are needed to use these funds properly and to prepare the appropriate project proposals. This competence is provided by our professional team during the preparation, execution and the maintenance of projects.

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Establishment of controlling systems

The main element of the service portfolio of Qualinnova Consulting is the establishment of an internal controlling system, and as a result of this, the enhancement of the efficiency of operational processes. The establishment of the controlling system is a multiple-stage process containing the following specific service units:

    1. Establishment of a functional controlling system aiming at improving efficiency
    2. Company-level controlling service
    3. Establishment of an internal reporting system
    4. Executive coaching, organization development
    5. HR development
    6. Introduction of liquidity management system
    7. CRM consultancy

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Capital consulting

Our company mediates business angel and venture capital investors towards our partners, establishes business relations between investors and clients, manages the cooperation comprehensively, and develops business constructions aiming at the cooperation. 

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