Establishment of controlling systems

1. Establishment of a functional controlling system aiming at improving efficiency

Organizations have different operational activities, thus they can be described with different processes, therefore, the establishment of different kinds of functional controlling systems is needed to improve efficiency depending on the operational profile of the organization. Our company offers the following specific services for our clients operating in different fields and industries:

- Mapping of processes, filtering out narrow cross-sections, unnecessary elements, dysfunctions

- Planning of a measurement system for the producing process:

  1. pre-calculation system supporting making a bid proposal,  
  2. making synthesized analyses on the basis of product grouping (homogeneous) elements,
  3. introducing measuring and control points,
  4. making actual cost accounting,
  5. working out a feedback system process,
  6. proposal for fitting personal motivation through production controlling,
  7. defining of direct – indirect costs,
  8. developing a norm calculation algorithm.

- analysis of service project processes/forming homogeneous groups,

- introducing measuring points from the planning phase to feedback, developing a forecasting/modeling system for the payoff of the project.

- generating an analytical chart in accordance with product/product group/marketing channels/stocks, and other kinds of parameters,     

- analysis of turnover/margin/velocity of circulation/non-moving inventory, drawing appropriate conclusions.

2. Company-level controlling service

The function of controlling systems is to provide support for the management of the company so that it could operate in an aim-oriented way in the long run and it could adapt to its environment. In order to draw appropriate conclusions from the results which promote the cooperation in the long run, information should be analyzed in a suitable structure. In the framework of our company-level controlling service we provide the following specific services for our clients:  

3. Establishment of an internal reporting system

For the suitable planning it is essential for every organization that the management should receive those up-to-date pieces of information which are needed for the effective managing of the company. We believe, this can be gained through:

4. Executive coaching, organization development

An additional fundamental part of the operational efficiency of the organization is connected to the examination and optimization of its efficiency, as operational frame. As part of the executive coaching, there is a possibility to examine specific problems of the executive team, and concerning the audit of the whole organization, the scrutiny of the company structure can be carried out.   

5. HR development

The field of human resources, that is the employers and the employees together has significant role in the life of an organization. The development of human resources is important for choosing, motivating, monitoring and developing those employees who are working on the execution of company strategy.   

We can offer the following services for our clients concerning HR:

6. Introduction of liquidity management system

The key of the efficient operation of an organization can be found not only in the predictability of the processes in the long run, but also in the planning and tracking of daily, operational events in the short run. In order to retain stability and avoid the aggravation of financial problems, the exact knowledge of the financial situation in the short run is needed.

Our special services:

7. CRM consultancy

Because of company interests it is worth creating a CRM system at those enterprises where customers stick not only to the owners. It can be carried out with charts, regulators, motivation, later with more serious IT support.

We can offer the following services:

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