The aim of Qualinnova Consulting is to support the development of national innovative, growth-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises with comprehensive services. Founders and colleagues of our company have widespread knowledge and experience in capital consulting, company managing, company finances, controlling systems, innovation management and partnership building. Thanks to these interconnected competencies, Qualinnova Consulting can offer simple and efficient solutions to the complex problems of its partners.

Our aim is to build partnerships with our clients where we can help them to solve their problems concerning their development and growth, regardless of what kind of circumstances hinder their development and of what kind of fund – project, equity or fixed capital - they use to finance the operation of the company. The time of conventional services is over, we do believe that only those solutions can lead to success which take the clients’ individual needs into consideration, and that we can provide new ideas to every small and medium-sized enterprise.   

We believe that ‘the future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious’. /John Sculley/

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